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Azul Olimpic - English
Azul Olimpic is a blue paste used mainly for checking and adjusting molds and dies. It conforms to the very highest quality and safety standards.

Below is a brief outline of its key features:

- Azul Olimpic is non-drying. This allows surfaces to be machined and adjusted for weeks at a time, as the paste maintains its properties.

- It is dense and comes in a container with a wide opening, so it can be applied using a brush.

- It is easy to spread and form thin, even layers thanks to its unique technical properties.

- The slightest contact leaves a visible, high-contrast mark.

- It can be removed from surfaces using just a damp cloth – no solvents necessary. It can also be removed from hands using just soap and water.

- Azul Olimpic does not contain lead or any other toxic ingredient.

- Azul Olimpic does not cause damage to surfaces.
Engineer’s Blue , Machinist's Dye , Machinist’s Blue , Prussian Blue .