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Azul Olimpic - English

Brief History

In the 19th century, a simple method of giving surfaces a more precise finish was developed using a paste known as Prussian Blue. A thin layer of the paste was applied to a reference surface, and when that surface was placed in contact with the piece being worked on, the irregularities on that piece would be marked by the paste. The blue-colored spots would be polished and the procedure would be repeated until there were no irregularities, and the surface of the piece being worked on would be evenly covered in blue when brought into contact with the reference surface.



Over the last 20 years we have realized that using Prussian Blue paste does not give the desired results. Its technical properties mean that it is very difficult to obtain a thin, even layer of the paste, and it is also difficult to clean off and eliminate. To offer an alternative solution, we began developing a new type of paste and came up with a unique new formula specially designed to enable very precise surface finishing. We created a paste known as Azul Olimpic, which is now an essential industry benchmark in adjusting molds, dies, valve seats and mechanical components in general.  

The Product

Azul Olimpic is a blue paste used mainly for checking and adjusting molds and dies. It conforms to the very highest quality and safety standards. Below is a brief outline of its key features:

- Azul Olimpic is non-drying. This allows surfaces to be machined and adjusted for weeks at a time, as the paste maintains its properties.

- It is dense and comes in a container with a wide opening, so it can be applied using a brush.

- It is easy to spread and form thin, even layers thanks to its unique technical properties.

- The slightest contact leaves a visible, high-contrast mark.

- It can be removed from surfaces using just a damp cloth – no solvents necessary. It can also be removed from hands using just soap and water.

- Azul Olimpic does not contain lead or any other toxic ingredient.

- Azul Olimpic does not cause damage to surfaces.
Engineer’s Blue , Machinist's Dye , Machinist’s Blue , Prussian Blue .